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In-Camp Electronic Voucher Programme in Turkey Price Market Monitoring (PMM), On-Site Monitoring (OSM) and Post-Distribution Monitoring Report | Quarter 1: January – March 2021

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• The food basket cost increased from 179 TRY in December 2020 to 189 TRY in March 2021. The basket cost peaked in February 2021 at 192 TRY.

• The assistance amount has been raised from 100 TRY to 120 TRY per person as of January 2021. It covers 64 percent of the food basket cost as of March 2021.

• Camp managements continue implementing Covid-19 measures across all camps. Vaccinations for the prioritized groups have started.

• The winter conditions reduced purchasing power of the beneficiaries as the majority of them rely on agricultural work for additional income.

• A total of 121,477 SMSs were sent to the camp beneficiaries. Additionally, 12,500 leaflets were delivered regarding the programme updates.

• There were 2 referrals made in Q1 2021, both were about medical equipment needs or related to health services