AFAD PRESS RELEASE - 18 Response and Relief Work in the Aftermath of the Earthquake in Elazığ 25.01.2020

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(By 23.00 January 25, 2020)

The Number of people safely rescued from the debris as a part of response activities coordinated by AFAD rose to 44. The number of our citizens who died in the earthquake rose to 29. 1.542 people applied to hospitals in the aftermath of earthquake. 8.565 tents are offered to the use of victims while it detected that 72 buildings have collapsed, 514 of them are heavily damaged while damages at 1.409 buildings are either light or medium.

In the aftermath of earthquake measuring 6.8 at 20.55 on January 24, 2020 in Sivrice District of Elazığ Province, response and rehabilitation phases of disaster management continue under the coordination of AFAD in order to rescue those who are trapped under the debris and normalize life. Till now, 44 have been rescued from the debris as a part of search and rescue activities. A total of 533 aftershocks, 19 of them measuring higher than 4 took place in the region. Needs of those who were affected due to earthquake have been met and damage detection activities continue in the region. A total of 3.733 personnel are working in the field. . 108 people from NGOs and volunteer teams are giving support to the professional teams.

Search and Rescue Activities Yield Results

Currently, search and rescue activities continue in the debris of 3 buildings at the city center of Elazığ. A total of 3.733 personnel from 21 public offices and institutions, total of 554 vehicles, three of them being Mobile Coordination Service, 17 dogs, 3 UAVs, 1 helicopter and a plane are working under the coordination of AFAD. Work machines are delegated under the coordination of AFAD and other machines which are not coordinated by AFAD are not used in the region.

TL 4 Million Urgent Aid Sent to Region

AFAD has sent total of TL 4.000.000 urgent aid; TL 2.000.000 of this amount to Elazığ Governor’s Office, TL 2.000.000 to Malatya Governor’s Office in order to be used in the response and relief activities in the disaster region.

144 Trucks Carrying Shelter, Heating and Food Materials Are in the Region

AFAD has sent 144 trucks carrying 6.065 family tents, 400 general purpose tents, 11.532 beds and 18.720 blankets to the region. The Turkish Red Crescent sent 276 personnel, 55 vehicles, 7 food vehicles and 4 mobile kitchens and 2 field kitchen kits, 15.875 blankets, 5.079 beds, 1.563 heaters, 2.500 tents, 193.420 kg of flour and 3.200 food baskets.

Teams from Other Provinces Are Transported With 10 Planes

In the aftermath of the earthquake, all AFAD provincial and district offices are on the alert. All Disaster and Emergency Management Centers including General Staff have been activated. A total of 10 planes took off from İstanbul, Ankara and Konya and carried search and rescue, health and humanitarian aid teams to the region.

Damages Are Detected

280 technical personnel and 4 vehicles are participating in the damage detection activities. Until now, a total of 1.323 buildings are detected and it is seen that there are no damages in 328 of them.

Teams from shelter, food, energy, communication, damage detection and psycho-social working groups are working in the field for urgent needs. A total of 158 personnel and 47 vehicles are participating in these efforts.

TAMP In the Region

Turkey Disaster Response Plan (TAMP) is active for the uninterrupted continuation of 28 urgent services including search and rescue, health and support activities. 28 working groups are working for 24 hours under the coordination of the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) affiliated to the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

To the Attention of Our People!

Do not enter damaged buildings in the disaster area. Roads must be kept open for emergency help vehicles. Check for any gas smell while leaving damaged homes and close natural gas, water and electricity switches. Help babies, children, seniors and disabled persons.

Developments and earthquake activity in the region are monitored 24/7 by AFAD affiliated to the Ministry of Interior Affairs.