ACT Appeal Turkey: Earthquake Rehabilitation - METR-12


Appeal Target: US$ 455,899
Geneva, 30 January 2001

Dear Colleagues,

Turkey was rocked by two strong earthquakes in August and November 1999, which resulted in large-scale human catastrophe and material destruction. The scale of the extensive damage caused by the earthquakes created enormous needs, not only in the emergency and relief phases, but also in the subsequent phases of rehabilitation and recovery.

At present, a large part of emergency needs have been met. The Turkish state recently began the distribution of newly built residences to people who have lost their homes, although prefabricated housing and tent sites are still densely occupied. Government projections promised 15,600 housing units in the first stage, to be completed by the end of 2000. However, this has been downgraded to 6,000 permanent housing units by early 2001.

The state's preoccupation with solving the housing problems has left a wide array of unmet needs, especially in the areas of regenerating the local economy and the creation of income generation opportunities. Many Turkish NGOs, which were highly active in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, have also begun to withdraw from the disaster area, unable to sustain their activities as external funds dwindled once the emergency phase was over. International and local NGOs that are still active and are trying to meet some of the rehabilitation and recovery needs are few in number.

In addition to livelihood problems, other priorities include the continuation of psycho-social support in a variety of forms and methods. Facilitating and contributing to the reconstruction of disrupted and damaged lives necessitate an integrated approach that provides a sense of security and ability to the affected population. Vulnerable groups whose interests and needs are insufficiently addressed by the state's recovery plans are in need of urgent external support. They include families and households in the lower-income brackets, female-headed households, women and the disabled.

It is precisely these groups that ACT Netherlands is aiming to reach through its projects (listed hereafter) in the second phase of its work in Turkey: Centre for the Disabled, Women's Rehabilitation Centre, Social Workers Training & Placement, Psychological Support and Treatment for those suffering Post-Disaster Stress and a Social Centre.

Project Completion Date: 31 December 2001

Summary of Appeal Targets, Pledges/Contributions Received and Balance Requested

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Please kindly send your contributions to the following ACT bank account:

Account Number - 102539/0.01.061 (USD)
Account Name: ACT - Action by Churches Together
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Please also inform the Finance Officer Jessie Kgoroeadira (direct tel. +4122/791.60.38, e-mail address jkg@act-intl.org) of all pledges/contributions and transfers, including funds sent direct to the implementers, now that the Pledge Form is no longer attached to the Appeal.

We would appreciate being informed of any intent to submit applications for EU, USAID and/or other back donor funding and the subsequent results. We thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

ACT Web Site address: http://www.act-intl.org

Ms. Geneviève Jacques
WCC/Cluster on Relations
Thor-Arne Prois
ACT Coordinator
Rev. Rudolf Hinz
LWF/World Service

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