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3RP Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan in response to the Syria Crisis - Annual Report 2021



Only 46% funded
In 2021, the 3RP asked for US$ 5.6 billion and approximately 46 % was funded. This was the lowest percentage in funding since 3RP was launched in 2015.

More than 70% of refugees live in poverty
Despite the efforts made over the past few years, an estimation of over 70 % of refugees live in poverty and are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse including child labour and early marriages.

High unemployment rate
During 2021, most 3RP countries’ economy has slowly recovered compared to 2020 and some jobs were created, however the unemployment rate among youth and women remain high in the region.
Unemployment rate among women is at 30.8 % while youth (15-24 years) is at 48.5 % in Jordan.