3rd Day of Izmir Solidarity

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IHH Disaster Management Teams that mobilized immediately after the earthquake in Izmir are still helping the victims on the 3rd day of the earthquake. Our Search and Rescue Team looked for survivors, and the others worked to heal the wounds of the victims.

A 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit Izmir. The hearts of Turkey went out to the victims. As soon as news of the earthquake was announced, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation Disaster Management Teams mobilized. The latest developments were assessed at the Disaster Management Desk set up at the IHH headquarters. Initially, a team of 260 people were sent to the region. Later, this number was increased to 287. IHH teams consisting of Search and Rescue personnel and other volunteers set out from Istanbul, Bursa and 32 other cities. IHH Youth and IHH Women's Branch conduct their preparations for psychosocial support activities in the region.

IHH teams are continuing its Search and Rescue operation and humanitarian aid efforts in the region with 52 vehicles, one Search and Rescue boat and one mobile kitchen.

Altar and Walter joined to help

IHH Search and Rescue dogs arrived in Izmir from Bursa and Eskişehir to help look for survivors. Altar and Walter worked in three different places and detected the locations of victims trapped under the rubble.

Emergency aid in the region

IHH Marmara Disaster Coordination Headquarters sent one thousand blankets to Izmir. To date, 400 of these were distributed to earthquake victim families staying in AFAD tents. Additionally, 5.600 masks were distributed as a part of coronavirus measures in the region.

Hot meals for the victims

The IHH mobile soup kitchen that left from Hatay was set up in Bayraklı. Soup is served daily to 2.800 people, and hot meals to 500 people in the region. Water and fruit juice are also being distributed to the earthquake victims. 1.024 packets of chocolate and biscuits were also distributed to the children.