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Whoever, Wherever, Whenever–Everyone has the right to seek safety World Refugee Day 2022 in Tunisia


Each year on20 June, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency joins others around the world to honor refugees and celebrate the strength and courage of those who were forced to flee their countries of origin to escape conflict and persecution.

World Refugee Day(WRD)is an opportunity to remember that with the support of host communities and different stakeholders, people forced to flee can rebuild their lives and prosper alongside local communities.

The world is currently witnessing a dark milestone; the number of people forced to flee conflict, war, persecution, and human rights abuses has for the first time exceeded 100 million.In light of this, it is critical to remember the importance of welcoming newcomers to our communities and ensure displaced persons can live in dignity.Refugees and asylum-seekers bring with them their culture, unique experiences, and hopes –all of which contribute to building a stronger, resilient, and more vibrant community.

Everyone has the right to seek safety –anyone, wherever they come from, and whenever they have been forced to flee. Protecting those forced to flee is a global collective responsibility. Displaced people need to heal, learn, work, and thrive –in line with the1951RefugeeConvention and the Global Compact on Refugees, adopted in 2018.They also need to be granted access to their essential rights including the choice to return home in safety and dignity, to integrate locally, or in the most vulnerable cases to be resettled to a third country. Additionally, effective measures should be taken to ensure displaced persons are not faced with detention, imprisonment, or deportation.

During the month of June 2022, UNHCR Tunisia with the support of partners-the Tunisian Refugee Council (CTR), the Arab Institute for Human Rights (AIHR),and the Tunisian Association for Management and Social Stability (TAMSS)-markedWRD 2022with activities related to sports and culture, with the active participation of refugees, asylum-seekers, staff, authorities, and host community members