WFP Tunisia Country Brief, February 2021

Situation Report
Originally published


In February 2021

WFP and National Observatory of Agriculture (ONAGRI) held a training as part of the launch of the Food Security Monitoring System (FSMS) in early February.

Operational Updates

  • WFP Tunisia undertook a follow up mission on the training for interviewers involved in the nutritional study in Siliana which seeks to assess the dietary habits of school children and their parents in rural southern parts of the region, including Bargou, Rouhia and Kasra. The purpose of the mission was to support the interviewers in their task and gather their early feedback and findings.

  • WFP Tunisia conducted a workshop to prepare the launch of the Fill the Nutrient Gap survey, with various national and international stakeholders. Following this discussion, a steering committee has been established.

  • WFP Tunisia’s Line of Sight along with the Theory of Change for Tunisia are under discussion with the Regional Bureau in Cairo, in preparation of the upcoming Country Strategic Plan (CSP) in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF) 2021-2025 signed with the Tunisian government in December.

  • WFP has participated in all the external consultation panels that are in preparation of the Common Country Assessment (CCA) of Morocco, an essential step in the elaboration of the next UN Cooperation Framework for Sustainable Development (2022-2026). WFP is leading the CCA panel on socio-economic impact of the environment.