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UNHCR Trinidad & Tobago Fact Sheet, March - April 2022


More than 22,000 refugees and asylum seekers are registered with UNHCR, most of whom are of an employable age.

People of concern registered with UNHCR come from 38 different countries, 87% of whom are Venezuelan and 6% Cuban.

Through UNHCR’s access to asylum process, over 1,100 asylum seekers accessed UNHCR documentation between March and April 2022.


In Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), COVID-19 restrictions were further eased, with the removal of restrictions on public gatherings, and the full reopening of schools.
The government also supported recommendations made at the recent Universal Periodic Review to implement measures to ensure that all children, including refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, have equal access to education, and to set up a national refugee status determination procedure whilst developing national legislation on refugees aligned with existing international standards.
UNHCR continues to offer its support to the government in the implementation of these recommendations, recently doing this during the 49th Session of the Human Rights Council in March.
Individuals continue to approach UNHCR and partners, seeking access to asylum procedures and humanitarian assistance. UNHCR works with the government and other agencies to provide needed support, assistance, and protection services to refugees and migrants in T&T.