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Trinidad and Tobago: UNHCR Situational Report, October 2020

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With reduced operations continuing for certain economic sectors in Trinidad and Tobago, many refugees and asylum-seekers continued to face challenges in October with accessing basic needs, particularly rent and food. Detentions and deportations to Venezuela continued, even after an open letter was written to the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago from a number of local, foreign and international human rights organisations, urging for a more humanitarian disposition towards Venezuelan refugees and asylum-seekers in the country. Allegations were also made that the US government had deported persons back to Venezuela via T&T, however local authorities have denied that these allegations are true. Instances of sexual and gender-based violence continued to be reported, with one Venezuelan woman being murdered by her partner. Government authorities continue to reiterate their position against an “open-door” policy toward non-nationals in T&T, but indicated that Venezuelans registered with the Government in June 2019 are likely to have their documents extended into 2021, pending a cabinet decision on this matter.