Disaster management planning - A critical investment for Caribbean communities Issue 1, 2012

from Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency
Published on 15 Sep 2012

Effective disaster management not only reduces rebuilding cost and ensures the continued operation of Caribbean countries in the event of disaster, but enhances the quality of life for our citizens.

Disaster management planning is therefore A critical investment for all Caribbean communities. This was strongly emphasized by Ms Velda Octave-Joseph, CDEMA’s Community Disaster Management Specialist who provides support to Participating States to strengthen disaster resilience at the community level.

Her remarks were made as she reported on the progress of the community capacity building initiatives being undertaken by CDEMA through the European Union (EU) funded ‘Disaster Risk Management Sub Regional Programme. S he s tated that s ince the start of the programme in 2010 significant progress has been made in several key areas of community resilience planning incuding conducting participatory vulnerability and risk assessments, developing vulnerability and risk profiles and capacity building training.

Community risk assessments were conducted in ten (10) Participating States through direct interaction and participation of community leaders and groups and by way of town hall/ community meetings. Each of the targeted communities was able to identify, analyse and evaluate their vulnerabilities to hazards. The assessments have now resulted in the drafting of Vulnerability and Risk Profiles for seven communities in five States. T hese a re: I sland H arbour a nd East End in Anguilla, Choiseul in Saint Lucia, Rose Hill in Grenada, Mammoral one (1) and two (2) in Trinidad and Old Road in St. Kitts and Nevis. C ommunity risk profiles are also to be prepared for the other communites assessed - Bioche in Dominica, Northern Eleuthra in the Bahamas, Anegada, British Virgin Islands, and Island Harbour Anguilla.