Trinidad and Tobago

Cheque Distribution continues as Ministry brings relief to Flood affected areas

The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services wishes to categorically deny that distribution of disaster relief cheques has been halted. In fact, distribution of cheques to residents affected by the flooding of October 19 – 21, 2018 continue to take place, as the Ministry seeks to bring a sense of normalcy to affected families.

Cheques were distributed to persons in Sangre Grande and environs, Bamboo Settlement and El Socorro yesterday, November 20, 2018. To date a total of approximately 1,800 flood relief cheques have been distributed to affected residents in central Trinidad, while a further 620 cheques are ready for distribution at 12:00 noon today, for residents of Kelly Village, St Helena, Madras, Warren, El Carmen and environs; at the Warrenville Regional Complex. Processing of cheques continues to take place for these and all affected areas. Persons are reminded that the process involves assessments, verification, processing and distribution.

The Ministry wishes to inform affected persons will be advised via telephone, when and where the cheques will be distributed. The Ministry also assures that all cheques distributed can be cashed at any commercial bank or at the Treasury Division, Ministry of Finance.

Psycho-social support, including counselling is available to all families and individuals affected by this and any natural or man-made disaster. Affected persons may call the Ministry’s toll free hotline at 800 – 1MSD or the National Family Services Division at 623 – 2608; Ext 6300 – 6307, for further information, or to set up an appointment for counselling.