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Assessment of households affected by the adverse weather has started

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The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services commenced assessments of flood affected households in various parts of East, Central, and south Trinidad on Monday 22nd October and has continued assessments in affected areas following catastrophic flooding which resulted from incessant rainfall on Thursday October 18th, and Friday 19th, 2018.

The assessments by Officers attached to the Social Welfare Division and other Units of the Ministry, followed clearance to enter these areas from the first responders - the Disaster Management Units (DMUs) under the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government.

Assessments were conducted and continue to be conducted in the following Regional Corporations

• Greenvale Housing Development
• Oropune Gardens
• Manuel Congo
• La Horquetta
• Frederick Settlement Caroni
• El Carmen
• Santa Monica Trace,
• Main Road, St. Helena
• Spring Village
• Bejucal and Ramlal Trace

Sangre Grande Regional Corporation
Ojo Road, Ramdass Street, Good Hope, Railway 1,2 and 3, Guaico Village Street, Jitram, Mary, George, Oxford, Cooperative Mc Shine, Boodooville Circular, Lukana Drive, Ramnath Terrace, River Street


Chaguanas Borough Corporation
• Felicity, Cunupia, Jerningham Junction, Eccles Street, Warrenville, Dyette Estate
• Madras
• Kelly Village

Rio Claro Regional Corporation
• Mafeking Main Road
• Logwood Trace
• Kernaham
• Stonebright
• Cedar Grove
• Pool Valley

Among the other areas to be visited include: • Springvale, Valsayn
• Bamboo No 1 and 2
• Harlem, La Paille
• Wallerfield

In excess of 2500 assessments have been completed to date. Assessments will continue throughout the balance of the week and into the weekend to assess the needs and provide necessary relief to affected persons, as the Ministry receives notice from the DMUs that areas are safe to enter. Residents are encouraged to have the Corporation remove debris once they have been assessed.

Affected persons can be assured that they will be visited by an Officer for assessment so that some relief could be provided for items lost during the floods. Please note that support is provided to replace only a selected number of items. The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services advises that all housing repairs related to the flooding incident will be addressed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development as well as the National Commission for Self Help Limited.

Items for which claims may be made include:
• Clothing Grant ($1,000.00) per person, per family)
• School Supplies to replace books and uniforms destroyed ($700.00 for Primary School and $1,000.00 for Secondary and Tertiary education)
• Household Items (maximum $10,000.00):
- Stove
- Fridge
- Living Room Set
- Dining Room Set
- Washing Machine
- Kitchen Cupboard
- Bed with mattresses - Chest of Drawers - Wardrobe, and
- Refrigerators

The public should note that all the relevant agencies will be collaborating to ensure that the necessary verification will quickly take place to provide the much needed relief in the shortest possible time. For further information on disaster relief funding and food support, persons may call the Ministry’s toll free hotline at 800 – 1MSD. Persons in need of counselling services may contact the National Family Services Division at 623 – 2608; Ext 6701 – 6707.