Tropical Cyclone Ian Situation Report No. 9

from Government of Tonga
Published on 06 Feb 2014



Monday 27 th January:
● NEMO survey confirmed Lofanga’s damage was lightest of affected islands.
● 50% of homes have been cleared of rubbish and debris in affected areas.
● VOEA PANGAI departed today for Nuku’alofa to refuel.
● Sector group reports provided to NEMO for the TC Ian Cyclone Response Plan.

Tuesday 28 th January :
● A coordination meeting was held for all town officers and district officers of Ha’apai Hahake. The main needs identified were immediate shelter (tents), food and water; also a machine for milling coconut trees, & fuel for chainsaws.
● Building supplies donated by Air New Zealand received by NEMO.
● NEOC meeting was held to discuss the strategy for the development of the “Tropical Cyclone Ian Response Plan”.
● Support for water tanks and fuel for the desalination plant in Ha’apai from New Zealand announced.
● Two 240L/hr desalination units earmarked for Ha'ano and Foa from Oxfam NZ.

Wednesday 29 th January
● Technical assistance for logistics and WASH accepted from Australia.

Thursday 30 th January
● National Emergency Operations Committee endorsed a revised “Tropical Cyclone Ian Response Plan”.

Friday 31 st January
● Cabinet approves “Tropical Cyclone Ian Response Plan”.

Wednesday 4 February
● The first cluster coordination meetings were held at NEMO for WASH and Shelter.
● The Deputy Prime Minister chaired a meeting at NEMO, in which he formally introduced the Tropical Cyclone Ian Response Plan to development partners.

Thursday 6 February
● This week, aboard MV Otuanga'ofa, Nemo loaded and shipped 4 th February for distribution in the Ha'apai Island relief supplies provided by Government departments and NGOs:
● Building material (including wheelbarrows and nails donated by Air New Zealand), food items , and nonfood Items, including: clothing , school material , water including 4x3000lt full water tanks, fuel & medical supplies.
● In addition to relief supplies a 9.5 alloy twin engine landing craft was loaded to assist with interisland distributions and will be based in Pangai. The Patrol Boats continue to provide excellent support. After refuelling in Tongatapu the next one is being prepared for 06/02 departure back to Ha'apai . The next MV Otuanga'ofa loading for Ha'apai is currently planned for 10/02 .