Tonga National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) Situation report #8 - 21 January 2022



  • The Logistics & Coordination Cluster (NEMO, MEIDECC and First Responders) continues to conduct clearing efforts and coordinate relief to affected communities, with non-government organisation (NGO) support.

  • Relief distribution to ‘Eua is underway today.

  • The Emergency Telecommunications Cluster, on 20 Jan 2022:

  • re-established communication with limited capacity.

  • Travelled with Lulutai Airlines to Niua Toputapu and Niua Fo’ou (Ongo Niuas) and Vava’u to assess these islands and install communication equipment

  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Cluster (WASH) Cluster advise that water has been tested and ground and rain water is safe to drink

  • Tonga has received international humanitarian support from:

  • Australian Government – provision of relief items,

  • Government of China – provision of food relief packs,

  • Government of Japan – provision of relief items,

  • New Zealand Government – provision of relief items,

  • Two flights arrived in Tonga from Australia and NZ to deliver relief supplies under COVID19 directions.

  • Under the foreign assistance category, naval ships from NZ are en route with water supplies, due to arrive to Tongatapu on Fri 21 and Sat 22 2022

  • Naval boats (Ngahau Koloa and Ngahau Siliva) returned to Tongatapu yesterday from Ha’apai.

  • Safety & Protection Cluster members (Tonga Red Cross, Tonga National Youth Congress, Caritas and Tonga Family Health and Tonga Health Association) installed tents at Kanokupolu and provided food rations, dignity kits, hygiene kits and tents as well as counsellors for psychosocial support.

  • Relief distribution on 20 Jan was to Ha’atafu, Ahau, ‘Atata, Patangata and Siesia, Makapaeo, Pangaimotu, Lavengamalie and Kanokupolu.

  • The Logistics & Coordination Cluster with support from MORDI Tonga who transported and distributed food packs, hygiene kits, jerry cans, buckets, kitchen kits to ‘Eueiki also with support and items from Safety & Protection Cluster members.

  • Tonga Red Cross is providing three (3) minutes of free calls to call family based overseas.

  • NEOC received 105 calls, with 35 of these urgent, in the last 24 hours. The top 3 urgent requests are (1) water, (2) septic tank leak concerns and (3) tents.