Tonga National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) Situation report #3 - 15 January 2022



• The National Emergency Operations Centre was activated on Friday 146 January 2022.

• Tonga Geological Services advised that HTHH volcanic activity recommenced on Fri 14'h Jan 2022 and tsunami marine warning issued later that day.

• Ha'apai's Fonoi and Mango Islands reported contaminated water due to volcanic ash, with Government responding by providing water.

• HTHH volcano erupted at 5.20pm on Sat 15 Jan 2022.

• A tsunami warning was issued with an evacuation notice enforced by First Responders.

• The Hon. PM addressed Tonga at 7.30pm, advising water supplies would be distributed if needed.

• Power was cut before 7pm. • NEOC has received approx. 400 calls since 8pm Sat.

• Over 3000 people in evacuation centres, cars, and households were distributed water as at 0800am today

• Contact with Ha'apai, `Vava'u and Ongo Nivas has not been made since the event..

• NEMO has not been able to communicate with boats, including VOEA Ngahau Siliva since Mango Island

• Tonga Police has evacuated residents of Fafa, Pangaimotu & Makaha'a Islands on Sun 161 morning.

• To date, there has been one person reported missing from `Atata.