Tonga Measles Outbreak 2019 - Situation Report #10

Situation Report
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In Summary:

  • As of 15 December 2019, there have been 564 confirmed or suspected cases since October 2019 (the beginning of the outbreak). Majority (90%) of the cases are from Tongatapu, the main island.

  • Cases generally have been mild with 12 hospital admissions since the start of the outbreak, there have been no deaths reported.

  • During the past week there have been 14 new cases; 10 from Tongatapu and 4 from Vava'u.

  • Mass vaccination campaign targeting 10-24 year old individuals not immunized in the school program began on 17 December.

Malo 'au pito (many thanks) to the Tonga MoH for continually sharing information regarding the outbreak and for the tireless efforts in responding to the outbreak.