Cyclone Ian in Ha’apai: Rapid Damage Assessment to the Agriculture and Fisheries Sectors Report


Tropical Cyclone Ian caused extensive damage to the agriculture and fisheries sectors. The worst affected area was the Ha’apai North-Eastern area including the four districts of Ha’ano, Foa, Lifuka and Uiha, with an affected population of 950 households.

The major impact is to the local food supply and on key cash crops, which is expected to be completely paralysed for the next six to ten months, at the least.

The total damages and losses million to the agriculture and fisheries sectors in the four directly affected districts of Ha’apai is estimated to be about T$38.5. Damages are estimated at T$33 million and estimated losses at T$5.4 million.

The estimated cost of the immediate1 recovery for the agriculture and fisheries sectors, as assessed by this report, is T$4.1 million.

Overall cyclone damage to food crops (root crops and banana) is estimated at almost complete damage at approximately 95 percent. Similarly with damages to tree crops (coconuts, breadfruit, mangoes, citrus), and key cash crops (mulberry, sandalwood) and pandanus were extensive, with about 90%,

Damage to the fisheries sector totals T$1.14 million. A total of 206 households in the affected area were primarily fishing households. Damage was sustained to fishing boats, outboard motors and, more severely, to an estimated 100% of all fishing gear, including nets, diving equipment, lines and other equipment.

Damages to MAFFF assets, including office buildings and furniture, nurseries, boat workshop and other equipment is, T$2.11 million.

Repair of damages to MAFFF facilities in Ha’apai to provide effective services and implementation of the rehabilitation and replanting program

Priority areas for recovery support include support to short-duration crops; fisheries equipment repair; tree replanting; and livestock fencing.