WFP Togo Country Brief, October 2021


In Numbers

170,000 people targeted for food assistance

499 mt of food planned to be distributed

USD 1.5 m six months (November to April 2022) net funding requirements

Operational Updates

Installation of vegetable gardens in 50 primary schools with canteens

• WFP Togo continued its technical and financial support to the Togolese Government's school feeding programme through the installation of school gardens in 50 public primary schools for the launch of the 2021-2022 school year.

• In collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture,
Livestock and Rural Development (MAEDR) and the National Agency for Grassroots Development (ANADEB), WFP identified 50 canteen schools throughout the country where it coordinated the installation of large-diameter water wells. Small materials, equipment and certified seeds were also provided for the establishment and management of vegetable school gardens of a size of 2,500 m². Each community appointed a school gardener who received training in vegetable production techniques from the local technical advice and support agents of the Ministry of Agriculture.

• The objective of this initiative is to diversify and improve the quality of school meals with fresh vegetables and fruits and to integrate educational gardening activities into the primary schools’ curriculum. It complements WFP’s activities during the previous school year which aimed to establish links between schools and local organizations of smallholder producers and processors for the supply of local staple food (maize, beans, rice) to the canteens.

• These activities, which aim to increase the supply of local nutritious food to the canteens, promote the local economy, and enhance community participation in the good management of school canteens, constitute the foundations of an integrated home-grown school feeding model promoted by WFP in Togo, as promulgated by the School Feeding Law adopted in June 2020 by the National Assembly.