WFP Togo Country Brief, May 2021


In Numbers
170,000 people targeted for food assistance
499 mt of food planned to be distributed
USD 2 m six months (June to November 2021) net funding requirements

Operational Updates

Capitalization workshop on the implementation of the COVID-19 Emergency food assistance project

  • In 2020, WFP Togo supported the national COVID-19 response plan through the provision of 1,878 mt of general food to 242,463 crisis affected populations targeted in the five economic regions of the country. This included 145,175 women, 15,000 people living with HIV/TB and 6,750 children aged 6-23 months who received specialized nutritious food for the prevention of moderate acute malnutrition.
  • The preparation and implementation of this country-wide emergency food assistance was coordinated by WFP, in close partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Grassroots development, local authorities, COVID-19 National Coordination Agency, HIV and TB patients’ groups organisations, and local implementing non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
  • In May, WFP invited representatives of all the project’s partners to attend a three-day Review after Action workshop to discuss their experiences and to exchange on key challenges and lessons learnt to capitalize the results and to draw recommendations for the improvement of future assistance projects.