Togo: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation Report #1, Reference Period: 24 March to 08 April 2020

Situation Report
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Key facts

73 cases confirmed since the start of the epidemic, including 3 deaths, representing a fatality rate of 4.1% and 24 people recovered. 6 out of 73 cases are healthcare professionals (4 doctors, 1 nurse and 1 midwife)

As of 08 April 2020, 3 new cases have been confirmed only in the Lomé region and 1 new patient has recovered, bringing the total number of patients cured to 24. To date, nearly 1,877 screening tests have been carried out across the country.

The M / F ratio is 1.7. The age group between 20 and 59 is the most affected with 78% of cases. The management of 38 cases (22 at the Regional Hospital (RH) in Lomé Commune, 5 at University Hospital “Campus” and 1 at RH Dapaong) is complementary to the containment of suspected cases throughout the territory. Lomé Commune remains the most affected region with 34 cases.

Situation in Numbers (Togo - MoH)

73 cases confirmed
1,502,618 cases confirmed in the world

3 deaths in Togo
4,1 % fatality rate
89,915 deaths in the world

24 people recovered

1 300 contact cases are suspected and being monitored (551 travelers and 749 contacts)