WFP Timor-Leste Country Brief, July 2021


In Numbers

US$ 0.24 m six months (August 2021 – January 2022) net funding requirements.

Situation Updates

• Timor-Leste registered 1,676 locally transmitted COVID19 cases in July outside of quarantine. On the 12th of July, the Government announced that the first Delta variant cases were detected in the quarantine facilities. The Government imposed a nation-wide lockdown and imposed “sanitary fences” that prohibit people from travelling to different regions across the country.

• As of 15th of July, a total of 30,322 households have been affected across all 13 municipalities by Cyclone Seroja which hit the country in April. The Government, with support from humanitarian partners, responded to the immediate crisis. Humanitarian donors and partners committed over USD 19.42 million towards the response.

Operational Updates

Emergency Response and Preparedness

• WFP, as the lead agency for the Logistics Sector, is supporting the Government and humanitarian partners to transport and distribute relief material in evacuation centres in Dili as well as in surrounding municipalities. In July, WFP supported UNDP to transport 11.3 mt of medical supplies for the COVID-19 response.

• WFP, together with MoH and New Zealand Embassy, visited health centers and evacuation centers to monitor High Energy Biscuit (HEB) distribution and beneficiary consumption. A new shipment of 35 mt HEB is ready to distribute in August for Pregnant and Lactating Women.


• Continuing its support to the Ministry of Health, WFP worked with UNICEF and WHO to discuss the upcoming simplified protocol for acute malnutrition.

• WFP worked closely with 5 Community Health Centers (CHC) in Dili to disseminate Information Education Communication (IEC) materials on the nutrition benefits of supplementary food (such as HEB) for health workers and Pregnant and Lactating Women.

Food Fortification

• WFP engaged with National Logistic Center to successfully install a blending machine at the Tibar warehouse to embark on the production of fortified rice in Timor-Leste. Fortified rice packaging bag production is under way, and 10,000 bags will be ready by Quarter 3.