UNTAET Humanitarian Pillar Situation Report 13 to 14 Feb 2000

Returns: On 12 February, 267 persons returned to East Timor from Kupang aboard the "Patricia Anne Hotung." Secondary transportation was provided for persons travelling from the Dili Transit Centre to Manatuto, Baucau and Liquica. No organised movements took place on 13 February. On 14 February, 486 persons crossed into East Timor at the Batugade border on IOM-chartered trucks. An additional convoy is due to cross the border. Currently, there are 487 persons awaiting secondary transportation to their homes of origin. A total of 138,800 have returned to East Timor from West Timor, other parts of Indonesia and Australia.
Health: An agreement has been signed between UNICEF and the Irish NGO Goal to rehabilitate Dili's central pharmacy. Work has begun with an anticipated completion date of early March. JICA has placed a USD 300,000 order for drugs and AusAID has agreed to fund GOAL personnel.

Following a malaria/dengue fever workshop sponsored by WHO on Saturday 12 March, a message for prevention and control of the diseases was delivered during a church service at Balide church in Dili on Sunday. A full information campaign will be launched this week around Dili to be expanded to all districts in East Timor.

Education: A countrywide registration of schools, teachers and students has been completed by UNICEF. There are some 6,093 teachers teaching 120,776 primary school students in 668 schools in 13 Districts across East Timor. The number of students represents 70% of the pre-popular consultation attendance figures.

UNICEF has received an additional 600 teacher's kits which the agency plans to distribute to schools around the country in the coming weeks. Materials include 200 blackboards and 123,000 notebooks, pens and pencils.

Shelter: A total of 13 MTs of UNHCR shelter materials were transported by helicopter to Betun today. WFP's ET carrier is currently loading some 200 MTs of UNHCR shelter material, which is also headed for Betano.

Logistics: On 12 February, the ET Carrier transported some 150 MTs of maize and rice, as well as non-food items to Oecusse. WFP trucks transported 67 tons of rice and beans to Maubisse on 12 February and 60 MTs of maize on 14 February to Maliana. WFP helicopters delivered 21.2 MTs of maize, beans, oil, water, biscuits and soap to Atara, Ames and Peron on 12 February, and 4.8 MTs of maize, beans and oil to Mahata, as well as 1.5 MTs of medical supplies to Oecusse.

Agriculture: At the agricultural coordination meeting scheduled for 15 February, FAO is finalising the collection of data on agricultural interventions effected for this season.

Coordination: Meetings chaired by OCHA (the Humanitarian Assistance and Emergency Rehabilitation Pillar) will now be held on Wednesday evenings at 17:30. The reduction in frequency is in response to the effectiveness of coordination at the sectoral committee level.