UNTAET Daily Briefing 07 Mar 2000

News and Press Release
Originally published
Dili, 7 March 2000
PKF confronts militia

UN Peacekeeping troops captured one militia member yesterday afternoon, after an exchange of fire in Atsabe, Ermera district, some 60 kilometers away from the border with Indonesia.

Five militia fired around 15 rounds, and Peacekeeping troops fired approximately 40. The other four militiamen escaped.

The militia that was captured arrived in Dili today. He is being questioned by Civilian Police.

From the house where the militia members where hiding, Peacekeeping troops confiscated one automatic rifle, 350 rounds of ammunition, two black T-shirts, and two pairs of uniforms Indonesian-like.

UNTAET troops were sent to Atsabe region to investigate an incident which happened on March the 5th in which five militia attacked three farmers who were working in a rice field.

In this incident, one farmer was killed, one was wounded and a third escaped without any injury.

This incident happened in the same day as the Azufuru incident reported yesterday.

Tomorrow, March the 8th, UNTAET's Peacekeeping Force Commander Jaime de los Santos and the director of the Office of Political Affairs, Peter Galbraith, are going to Jakarta to meet Indonesian Foreign Minister Alwi Shihab and other senior officers.

In the meeting - to be held on Thursday - UNTAET will seek action by Indonesia to stop the recent unlawful incursions into East Timor, and will stress that it is Indonesia's responsibility to stop the incursions.

Exhumations proceed in Baucau, Suai and Liquica

A body exhumed yesterday in Baucau belonged to a man who was, according to UNTAET Human Rights Division, shot dead during the violence from September last year. The initial forensic examination found two gunshot wounds on the body. Exhumation in Baucau continued today (....)

Exhumations by UNTAET CIVPOL and Human Rights investigators are also in progress in Liquica and Suai, where three bodies are to be recovered from a well.

UNTAET Human Rights Division has forensic experts from its team at the exhumation sites in Baucau and Suai, while one pathologist remained in Dili assisting the fieldwork by further examining the bodies that are exhumed and transported to the morgue facility in the Dili Human Rights Center.