Timor-Leste: Rural healthcare program in Alieu district maternal child healthcare

Health Coordinator Sasha Poll and Project Nurse Crystal Brown from AAI have been conducting a Maternal Child Healthcare (MCH) needs assessment with the District Health Officials of Alieu. The basis of the needs assessments is for the planning of training targeted at urgent gaps in the provision of MCH for nurses and midwives treating rural populations.

The District Health Officer, Mr Mango stressed the importance of AAI assisting with Basic Emergency Obstetric Care (BEOC) training and also made a new request for general emergency training, focusing on newborns and infants. AAI confirmed that our MCH Nurse Specialist, Heather Lorenzen, will arrive in country later this week and will immediately begin a training plan and schedule based on the detailed assessment results conducted over the past month by AAI. Furthermore, AAI have arranged for a medical specialist volunteer from the US, Dr Jason Ficshcer to come to Timor-Leste at the end of May to assist with the emergency medical obstetric training for rural healthcare workers.


As part of AAI's plan for increasing health information in the rural clinics, AAI in conjunction with rural health officials have developed a plan that will allow health information from rural clinics to be delivered to district health officials for analysis. The initial assistance with health information will include the development of wall charts for monitoring the health status identified in each clinic site. AAI's Site Manager, John Cindric will review maps, calculate distances and develop an implementation plan to deliver wall charts to each of the health facilities in the coming weeks.

The District Health Official, Mr Mango, also presented AAI with an urgent equipment request document detailing the need for malaria and pregnancy tests, blood pressure monitor and auto claves for health clinics. AAI are investigating whether this equipment is available for donations.