Timor-Leste: Logistics in place for second round of presidential elections

May 7, 2007 Dili, Timor-Leste -The distribution of polling material across Timor Leste's 13 districts continues today with the United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor Leste (UNMIT) providing logistical support to the national authorities charged with running the second round of the presidential election to be held on Wednesday.

The boxes of sensitive information (including ballots, ink and counting forms) along with boxes of non-sensitive information (signs, pens and lanterns) are being delivered to 708 polling stations in 504 centres by helicopters, vehicles and horses with porters.

UNMIT's Deputy Special Representative for Electoral Support, Finn Reske-Nielsen said distribution today and tomorrow will ensure the information required for the second round of voting is received well ahead of the start of voting at 7am on Wednesday.

Mr Reske-Nielsen said he is confident that the national authorities will continue to do their best to ensure that Wednesday's vote is free, fair and transparent.

"UNMIT continues to work with the national authorities and has improved its technical assistance and logistical support after learning lessons from the first round of presidential elections," Mr Reske-Nielsen said.

Additional assistance has been provided in the areas of training for electoral officials in all aspects of the electoral process.

Building upon the lessons of the first round increased numbers of ballot papers will also be supplied to all polling stations.

"This time, 20% extra of the total number of registered voters will be produced. A total of 630,000 ballot papers will be distributed throughout the country in pads of 50s. At the district level, a reserve will be kept to deal with contingencies," Mr Reske-Nielsen said.

After the elections, results will be tallied in a similar manner to that utilized in the first round. It is expected that within 48 hours of the polling stations closing, all sensitive materials will be returned to the CNE's National Tabulation Center.

UNMIT is mandated through Security Council Resolution 1704 to "support Timor-Leste in all aspects of the 2007 presidential and parliamentary electoral process, including through technical and logistical support, electoral policy advice and verification or other means."

For further information please contact UNMIT spokesperson Allison Cooper on +670 7230453