Timor-Leste: Humanitarian update 11 - 24 Oct 2008

Situation Report
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The Humanitarian Update (HU) aims at providing a periodic analysis of current humanitarian issues, facts and policy developments in Timor-Leste with primary attention given to internally displaced people (IDPs). The HU is based on voluntary information inputs from UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes, NGO members of the Humanitarian Coordination Committee and other partners. It analyses information from a variety of sector coordination meetings involving Timorese authorities. The HU is coordinated and issued by the OCHA/UNMIT Integrated Humanitarian Coordination Team (IHCT), on a fortnightly basis. Contributions and comments can be sent to the OCHA/UMMIT IHCT in Dili, Focal Points: medhurst@un.org (mobile: +670 736 55 78) and hadin@un.org, (mobile +670 731 16 43).


- Latest IDP movements: During the reporting period, movement out of Tasi Tolu Transitional Shelter Site and Obrigado Barracks and Igreja Balide Camps commenced, for further details please see page 2

- United Nations Day celebrations: On 24 October, as part of the UN Day celebrations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted an exhibition of the role of the United Nations in Timor-Leste. The event was attended by the President, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General, Atul Khare and representatives of NGOs and UN agencies working in Timor-Leste.



- Metinaro, Motael, Farol and Belun IDP camps: Plan held consultations with the camp management on WatSan issues which may arise in the future (particularly in light of the approaching wet season) and prepared plans to meet the identified needs.


The Emergency Water and Sanitation and Hygiene Working Group (EWASH-WG) continues to decommission IDP camps as IDPs are facilitated to return by the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MSS). Decommissioning activities have been ongoing in the following camps:

- Farol camps: Plan organised a decommissioning meeting with the landlord to negotiate the future of all facilities on site.

- Obrigado Barracks: Following a decommissioning meeting with UNMIT, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and Site Liaison Support (SLS) agencies, it was decided that, since the Watsan facilities belong to UNMIT, they will remain in place.

- Balide camps (Seminario and Sao Jose): Site rehabilitation was completed by Oxfam who will hand over the remaining facilities and the responsibility for their maintenance to the land owner. The remaining equipment includes: water tanks, water pumps and taps.

- Hera Port: Oxfam is continuing to clean the site.

- Igreja Becora, Canosa Balide and Igreja Balide: UNICEF and IOM have started to make arrangements for the decommissioning of WASH infrastructures in these sites and the mapping of WASH facilities, highlighting infrastructure to be removed. Activities under this decommissioning process include: joint site visits and information sharing with camp managers, camp landlords, DNSAS and other member of E-WASH working group.

- Metinaro: Plan prepared the field testing of water quality from tube wells and also began preparing for their 'Repair and Maintenance Training'.

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