Timor-Leste Floods - Situation Report No. 10 (As of 18 June 2021)


This report is produced by UN RCO Timor-Leste in collaboration with Government and humanitarian partners. It is issued by UN Timor-Leste. It covers the period from 22 May to 18 June 2021. The next report will be issued on/around 16 July.


The Declaration of the State of Calamity in Dili Municipality, originally declared on 8 April, was renewed and extended until 4 August (Government Resolution N.°75/2021 on 31 of May)

• On 16th of June, the Government lifted mandatory confinement in Dili and the ‘sanitary fence’ in the capital. The government also announced that the sanitary fences in three municipalities (Baucau, Bobonaro and Covalima) will be maintained for a further seven days.

• On 2nd June, the Government, with support from the UN and humanitarian partners, launched a Floods Response Plan/Joint Appeal seeking additional support to address residual humanitarian needs amounting to USD $8.8 million and a further USD $23.9 to kick-start early recovery efforts.
All activities to be implemented by December 2021.

• In solidarity with the Government, the humanitarian partners and donors have provided relief assistance worth approximately USD $15 million to date.

• Information from the Secretariat of State for Civil Protection, confirms that they are receiving urgent requests for assistance for food and non-food items (NFI) from more than 5,106 vulnerable persons in/around Dili.


Heavy rains across the country from 29th of March to 4th of April resulted in flash floods and landslides affecting all 13 municipalities in Timor-Leste to varying degrees, with the capital Dili and the surrounding low-lying areas the worst affected. A total of 48 fatalities (including 14 missing, presumed dead) have been recorded, 22 of whom in Dili municipality.
According to the latest official figures as of the 14th of June, a total of 30,367 households across the country have been affected; of those, 81% - or 24,674 households – are in Dili municipality. A total of 4,147 houses were damaged in Dili and in the municipalities. There remains a total of 6 evacuation centers in Dili municipality, where 813 people – or 157 households – are temporarily sheltered. This accounts for 6% of the total number of people in evacuation centers during the peak (8 April). The majority of the temporarily displaced have returned home, and the Government and humanitarian partners are supporting their safe return to the communities.
On the 16th of June, the Government lifted the mandatory confinement in Dili, and the sanitary fences in Dili and three municipalities (Baucau, Bobonaro and Covalima) will be maintained for another seven days. Under the national COVID-19 vaccination programme – launched on 7 April – to date a total of 110,531 vaccine doses have been administered across all municipalities. Cumulatively, 8,504 cases of COVID-19 have been detected in the country, and 19 deaths.