Timor-Leste Floods - Flash Update No. 1 (As of 5 April 2021)

Situation Report
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This report is produced by RCO Timor-Leste in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It is issued by UN Timor-Leste. It covers the period from 29 March to 5 April 2021. The next report will be issued on or around 7 April 2021.


From 29 March to 4 April, heavy rains across the country have caused flash floods and landslides. The capital city, Dili, is the worst affected.

• According to preliminary official figures, a total of 2,065 households – or approximately 10,325 people - have been affected across 8 municipalities in Timor-Leste. 21 deaths were reported.

• Over 76% of affected people are in Dili municipality.

• In support of Government efforts, the UN humanitarian agencies have started to address the lifesaving needs of the affected people, in particular the women and children in evacuation facilities in Dili.


Heavy rains across the country from 29 March to 4 April have resulted in flash floods and landslides affecting 8 municipalities, with the capital Dili worst affected. Dili was heavily flooded on 4 April, flash floods causing much damage to houses, buildings and public infrastructures including sections of main roads. The national medical storage facility, SAMES, was also heavily flooded, with many medical supplies including for the ongoing COVID-19 response damaged and lost.

COVID-19 isolation facility had to be temporary evacuated, and the national laboratory was also temporary affected by the flooding. Efforts are ongoing to ensure that the situation will not negatively impact the ongoing COVID-19 response. An outbreak of water-borne diseases is also a concern. A total 21 fatalities, including 6 children, have been officially recorded so far.

According to official figures, a total of 2,065 households – or approximately 10,325 people – have been affected across the country. Of which, 1,579 affected households are in Dili municipality. As at 5 April, there are 11 official evacuation facilities across the city. While the extent of the casualties, loss and damages is yet to be assessed, this event is without doubt the worst flooding the country has seen in recent history.