Timor Leste: Drought - Revised Plan of Action (RPoA) DREF Operation no. MDRTP004


A. Situation analysis
Description of the disaster

The 2016 El Niño brought severe drought conditions to parts of Southeast Asia, including Timor-Leste. Loss of crop, livestock, a poor rice harvest and diminished seed stock are among the consequences that presented acute problems for the most vulnerable affected households. In Timor-Leste, the authorities sought immediate assistance for the affected population in five districts (Baucau, Cova Lima, Lautem, Oecusse and Viqueque) where the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries estimate that at least 120,000 people are severely affected. Although the El Niño was declared officially over – by forecasters – in June, its effects are still impacting on the poorest communities.