Timor-Leste: Austrian Red Cross, ECHO support CVTL health program

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A CVTL integrated Community-Based Health Promotion and Disease Prevention program is supported by the Austrian Red Cross and co-funded by the European Commission through its humanitarian office ECHO

CVTL's work on improving the general living conditions of the poorest and most vulnerable people, with support from ARC and ECHO, is directly benefiting 3,427 persons in the district of Ermera.

The beneficiaries include 1,002 villagers in the disaster prone communities of Lebomeo and Buburia, and 2,425 villagers in Aporadu, Aramehun, Talimoru, Pasahei and Mutumau.

They will acquire sustainable access to water and sanitation services and improve their knowledge and practices on health and nutrition issues.

Attainment of the project's health promotion and disease prevention goals will be assured by the construction of gravity flow water systems and family latrines, training of local volunteers on health management and nutrition, and the establishment of self-reliance mechanisms to keep the facilities functioning on a sustained basis.