Timor-Leste: Appeal MAATP001 Programme Update No. 2

Situation Report
Originally published


This report covers the period 1 July to 31 December 2009

In brief

Programme purpose:

The framework for the Timor-Leste national society, Cruz Vermelha de Timor-Leste (CVTL) and the International Federation in Timor-Leste are the global agenda goals:

- Reduce the number of deaths, injuries and impact from disasters (through disaster management)

- Reduce the number of deaths, illness and impact from diseases and public health emergencies (through health and care)

- Increase local community, civil society and Red Cross Red Crescent capacity to address the most urgent situations of vulnerability (through organizational development).

Programme summary:

CVTL's community-based disaster management programmes continue in nine districts with good results. Programme staff members have improved their skills in using the tools, including the vulnerability and capacity assessment (VCA) and in facilitating coordination with health staff. Coordination with the government to advocate on behalf of the community for other priority needs adds further to the impact CVTL achieves for the community.

The national society has made major progress in the review and development of programme design and key documents that will harmonize and improve the quality of its health programmes in this period, particularly the HIV peer education package and adaptation and pilot of the CBHFA in action programme. The A/H1N1 awareness campaign also gave the national society an opportunity to demonstrate its capacity and skills in the national interest.

CVTL's draft strategic plan 2010-2014 reflecting national society priorities and experiences is a significant achievement. Branch development addressing resource mobilization capacity, volunteer management and finance systems development, progressed through a combination of targeted activities. Ongoing growth in service delivery targets demands that capacity development keeps pace; the CVTL approach has demonstrated some success in managing this challenge in the period.