Market Monitor Report: Timor-Leste | Week 9/10 (1st - 12th March)

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• In general, the price of rice has been on an upward trend in the last six months, however, the current confinement rules may likely cause some lag in the supply chain and further increase prices.

• Cereals: Local rice prices increased by around 10 percent compared to this same time last month, while imported rice increased by around 3 percent over the same period. Maize grain prices remained relatively low over the six-month period.

• Non-Cereal Foods: Compared to the first two weeks of February 2021, prices of sweet potatoes, potatoes, whole frozen chicken, tomatoes and onion increased; decreased for Taro, and subdued for beans, eggs, and cooking oil.

• Retailers, especially in Bobonaro, Covalima, and Dili expressed concern over the relatively low stock levels of both imported and local products, as the situation likely to have an impact on price levels in the coming weeks .