Market Monitor Report: Timor-Leste | Week 28/29 2020 (July 6—July 19) [EN/Tetum]

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• WFP, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries collected data on week 28/29. Monitoring has been conducted on the price of commodities from 70 retailers and 33 fuel stations in eleven municipalities (Aileu, Ainaro, Baucau, Bobonaro, Covalima, Dili, Ermera, Liquica, Manatuto, Manufahi, and Lautem)

• Cereals (imported rice, local rice, maize, wheat flour): Imported rice prices remained at an average range between 0.51 US$/KG to 0.55 US$/KG. However, Oecusse region shows rise with the reduced shipping schedule and higher shipping cost at the time of monitoring. Local rice and wheat flour show the minimal fluctuation. And maize price decreased compared to the previous week.

• Non-Cereal Food: Overall, prices remained stable with minimal increase if compared to the week 26/27. Beans, tomatoes, potatoes, salt and sugar prices increased whilst sweet potatoes, onion, and chicken price decreased.

• Among the 123 responses from retailers, 91% replied sales of the top 5 commodities sold in the shop stayed the same. Regarding the commodity prices, 127 out of 136 responded that it stayed the same. Markets are slowly recovering from the state of emergency, as the customers' numbers are retrieved from an eased measurement. TL Government subsidies and lowered restriction made commodities from Indonesia available in the markets as well.