Market Monitor Report: Timor-Leste | Week 1/2 2021 (4th - 17th January)

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• WFP, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and the General Directorate of Statistics collected data on the week of 1/2 2021. Monitoring has been conducted on the prices of commodities from 53 retailers in ten municipalities (Ainaro, Aileu, Bobonaro, Covalima, Dili, Ermera, Liquica, Manatuto, and Oecusse)

• Cereals (imported rice, local rice, maize, wheat flour): Overall imported rice prices increased at an average range between 0.52 US$/KG to 0.65 US$/KG. In particular, the price spike observed in the Oecusse region was affected by the shipping schedule and higher shipping costs at the time of monitoring. Local rice, maize, and wheat flour all show an upward curve compared to Dec 2020.

• Non-Cereal Food: Overall prices have increased compared to Dec 2020. In particular, prices of local products including bean, tomatoes, and chili prices increased. Imported products including cooking oil, and frozen chicken remained within the range.

• Among 100 responses from retailers, 42% replied that prices of overall commodities increased. For the top 5 food items sold in the shop, making a vast difference compared to the 3rd quarter of 2020 when 94% responded with stable prices. Retailers also addressed few concerns regarding the sudden price increase in Dili, which is largely due to road during the rainy season, and the lean season resulted in the price fluctuation.

• Cesta Bazika: In coordination with MCAE, line ministries continue to distribute basic baskets with the Cesta Basica program. WFP is supporting training of beneficiary registrations and progress monitoring