Japan's Contribution for Assistance to East Timor

Given the assessment of required cost of rehabilitation and economic development in the report of the World Bank and the United Nations Joint Assessment Mission, Japan decided on December 16 to extend around US$100 million over the next three years to East Timor.

Japan strongly hopes that fruitful discussions for the rehabilitation and development of East Timor will take place in the Donors' Meeting convened by the World Bank and the United Nations on December 17 in Tokyo, and that many donor countries will be as forthcoming as Japan is about pledging due contribution to East Timor.

Japanese Government considers Japanese NGOs' role important in such fields as emergency humanitarian assistance to displaced persons of East Timor in coordination with international organizations, and has decided to provide necessary financial resources for the Japanese NGOs, using the framework established last August, namely, the "support measures for emergency humanitarian assistance projects by the Japanese NGOs".

The Government of Japan also intends in the very near future to dispatch a survey mission composed of government officials to explore what specific assistance it will be able to provide as the process develops from emergency humanitarian assistance to rehabilitation and development assistance.