Fears for East Timorese babies

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Members of Western Australia's East Timorese community claim the health of babies being sent back to Timor may be at serious risk, because they won't have access to formula milk.

Gavin Fang reports the community members say they've been told more than 200 refugees from the Leeuwin safe haven will be repatriated to East Timor on Sunday.

Many East Timorese women arrived in Australia with babies and more were born during the refugees stay at the Leeuwin safe haven. During their time here the babies were fed on formula that won't be available when they return to Timor. Its left local community members concerned the babies won't have any food when they return home because their mother's milk has dried up. Local community member Carolina Ferreira. "The babies are gonna be in real problems because they don't have formulas there, they don't have milk. I'm really scared to think we are sending people to their own deaths.

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