Emergency Aid to Displaced Persons and Returnees of East Timor (Assistance to NGOs)

On March 28, the Government of Japan has decided on emergency grant aid totaling about 44 million yen to assist displaced persons and returnees of East Timor. This grant assistance will be extended to five Japanese non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which are providing the vulnerable persons with medical, food production and educational assistance, in response to their applications.

Thanks to the restoration of security and the activities of international humanitarian organizations, more than 150,000 displaced persons have returned to East Timor. Nevertheless, they are still forced to live in difficult conditions because of the wrecked basic infrastructure and for other reasons. Therefore, it is vitally important to rehabilitate such public facilities as schools, and to restore agricultural productivity in the earliest possible time for improvement of the living environment of the returnees, and for promotion of their resettlement and self-support.
In addition to that, about 100,000 displaced persons are still staying in refugee camps with very poor hygienic and sanitary conditions in West Timor. It is therefore necessary to improve their living environment through nutrition and medical activities.