East Timor: Humanitarian and recovery update - Edition No. 1

The Humanitarian and Recovery Update

The Humanitarian and Recovery Update aims at providing consolidated information on humanitarian and recovery issues to key stakeholders, including the donor community in Timor-Leste. The Update is based on voluntary information inputs from UNMIT, UN Agencies, Funds, Programmes, NGO members of the Humanitarian Country Team, and other partners. Inputs for the Updates are consolidated jointly by the UNMIT Humanitarian Coordination Unit and the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator.

Recovery Overview

All tented camps of internally displaced persons have closed and the number of those benefiting from recovery packages reached 13,660 families as of 28 August. Most IDPs have returned or resettled without any major security incidents. This remarkable progress is due to concerted efforts by the Government and humanitarian partners. However, 420 families still remain in transitional shelters. According to a survey conducted by the Norwegian Refugee Council, 58 per cent of the 420 families currently residing in transitional shelters did not own a house prior to the 2006 crisis. It is likely that resolution of such cases will take additional time and will require a more targeted approach.

Continued attention in the post-return phase is essential to ensure that recovery issues including livehood and income generating opportunities, access to water and basic services, are duly addressed, particularly potentially destabilizing challenges identified in communities of return.

Map - Returned, resettled, redisplaced families by Suco 2006-2009 (as Reported by Chefe de Aldelas)

List of the Inter-Cluster Coordination Group- ICCG (as of 09 Sep 2009)