Christian Children's Fund delivers over $2.1 Million in housing reconstruction to East Timor

Richmond, VA - Operating the largest aid program of any international non-governmental organization in East Timor since 1990, Christian Children's Fund will assist over 5,000 East Timorese families in desperate need of housing due to recent war conflicts that have plagued the region. Through its $2.2 million Emergency Shelter Provision project, made possible by a grant from the United Nations for the High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR), Christian Children's Fund will construct over 5,000 housing units as part of its ongoing humanitarian relief effort and psychological counseling program to aid internally displaced persons devastated by violence and war.
Nearly three months ago, the province of East Timor was severely damaged by conflict, a war spurred on by escalating political strife. Responding immediately to the crisis situation, Christian Children's Fund supplied food, medical supplies, temporary shelter materials, transportation, and psychological counseling to aid its assisted children and families.

Designed to help victims return to some sense of normalcy and rebuild communities, the Emergency Shelter Provision project will provide much needed shelter, encourage community regeneration, and help raise the capacity for additional community-based housing reconstruction by other community agencies. The project will benefit Christian Children's Fund families and other community members.

Having recently conducted a shelter needs assessment to identify those families in the most critical need for housing and shelter, Christian Children's Fund has organized a team of skilled East Timorese construction workers to complete the rebuilding initiative, in conjunction with community participation, and the project is slated to end in July 2000.

Consumers Digest has recognized Christian Children's Fund as one the nation's most charitable charities. Christian Children's Fund has also been recognized for its outstanding stewardship by other publications including Parenting Magazine, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, and The Non-Profit Times.

According to The National Charities Information Bureau, an organization of international stature which monitors charitable organizations, Christian Children's Fund also meets all nine standards of criteria for responsibly administered charities.