Care International Timor-Leste Hamoris project - Monitoring and Evaluation Preliminary Baseline Report, October 2018

Evaluation and Lessons Learned
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HAMORIS Overview

The HAMORIS project is managed and implemented by Care International Timor-Leste (CITL) and funded by the Australian aid program. The HAMORIS project goal is to contribute to lasting reductions in maternal mortality and morbidity by increasing the number of women in targeted communities utilizing appropriate and quality Sexual, Reproductive Maternal Health and Rights (SRMHR) services. The project aims to enable this by improving gender relations at the family and community level. HAMORIS started in July 2017 and will conclude in June 2021. It is based in two municipalities; Covalima and Ermera, across 3 Administrative Posts and 47 aldeias. HAMORIS builds on the success and work of CITL’s preceding investment; the Safe Motherhood Project (2015-2017).See the HAMORIS Theory of Change in Annex 1. The locations of the HAMORIS project are noted in the maps below.