CARE for East Timor

CARE is in East Timor to relieve suffering and to promote self-sufficiency of the Timorese people. CARE aims to enhance household livelihood security for the people of East Timor by helping them to meet their basic needs, promoting development, and increasing the capacities of vulnerable people affected by the conflict.
CARE has commenced relief and development objectives by fostering active participation of families in decision-making and the establishment of local networks of partner organisations. CARE believes that participatory methods of program design and implementation are vital. To increase the independence and capacity of local non-governmental and community-based organisations and to strengthen civil institutions, CARE will provide training and funding to support local development initiatives.

To meet immediate basic needs, CARE has commenced distributions of basic food staples such as rice, beans and oil. General distributions to internally displaced persons also include kits of essential household items such as cooking pots, sleeping mats, eating utensils and dishes, laundry and body soap, sarongs and plastic sheeting. CARE will also increase households' access to potable water and sanitation facilities by drilling boreholes, digging wells or constructing gravity fed water systems, and constructing latrines. Food-for-work programs will support agricultural activities until the first harvest, and shelter and infrastructure rehabilitation in emergency reconstruction programs.

Repatriation of refugees and resettlement of internally displaced peoples will also entail the enhancement of livelihoods and longer-term food security of households by distribution of seeds and tools. To increase food crop production, CARE's agricultural specialists will train Timorese in integrated crop management techniques. CARE will work closely with local leaders to mobilise community participation for reconstruction of permanent dwellings and civic buildings. CARE will also contribute funding for the purchase of basic construction materials, provide technical support, and monitor reconstruction activities.

CARE in East Timor currently employs 86 Timorese staff and 11 international staff. In close coordination with local and international NG0s and UN agencies, CARE will be working primarily in the five districts of Lautem, Manatuto, Dili, Ainaro, and Cova-Lima. In the coming weeks, CARE will open operational bases in Suai, Los Palos, and Ainaro, and increase our teams of national staff to over 100 men and women.

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