ZOA Refugee Care Thailand Education Survey 2010

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Published on 31 May 2010 View Original
ZOA Refugee Care Thailand is one of the programme operations of ZOA Refugee Care, based in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. ZOA Refugee Care is an international relief and rehabilitation organization dedicated to the support of refugees and internally displaced persons, presently operating in Africa and Asia.

Since 1997, ZOA Thailand has been providing support to Burmese refugees in Thailand to enable them to manage and improve their community education system. After gaining experience working in the camps for several years, ZOA saw a need to expand the support to vocational training, which was set up in 2003. To provide more comprehensive assistance to education interventions, non-formal education and further study/ higher education were included in the ZOA programme in 2006 and 2007 respectively. In protracted refugee situations, dependency on external aid has hindered opportunities to develop the self reliance and self determination of the refugees. The pilot project of agriculture activities for income generation was identified as an approach for finding a proper model for sustainable livelihoods for Burmese refugees. With this vision, the project was set up in 2007 in Mae La camp and expanded to other 2 camps - Umpiem Mai and Mae La Oon, in 2009.

Apart from the aforementioned interventions; capacity enhancement, gender and peace building have been integrated in every step of project implementation. Explicitly, ZOA Thailand has seen the importance of promoting inclusive practices to work towards quality education for all.

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