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Weekly Flood Situation Report for the Mekong River Basin covering the week from 13th to 19th August 2019 and potential trend next week

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Weather Patterns, General Behaviour of the Mekong River and Flood Situation

General weather patterns

During the week from 13th to 19th August 2019, the weather outlook bulletins and maps issued by the Thailand Meteorology Department (TMD) were used to verify the weather condition in the LMB. The abundant rainfall often occurs at this month (August) with more rain amount than previous months. The low pressure was observed at the middle part of LMB (Chaing Khan and Vientiane/ Nong Khai), which attracted rainfall in these locations during this week. Additionally, some tropical cyclones may move closer or toward the upper portion of the northern and northeastern parts of Thailand. Figures 1 & 2 presented the weather map for 15th and 19th August 2019.