Village in Yala waits for repair efforts following severe flood

ALA, 8 February 2017 (NNT) - While most areas in the southern region have recovered by severe flooding, residents in Ban Poh Yanee in Yala province are still unable to resume their businesses and are waiting for government assistance on repairing their homes.

Residents of Ban Poh Yanee, which is located in Sateng Nok subdistrict, have been waiting for government officials to assist in the restoration efforts, after floodwaters began to recede on January 27th.

Six households had been forced to relocate for up to a month and have since returned to their homes. However, some locals have been unable to resume their businesses, due to their damaged residences.

Some of the homes have been corroded by the inundation, with walls torn off and household items washed away or damaged. Officials have conducted damage surveys of the village, indicated that some homes remain in disrepair.

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Reporter : Jettana Pantana
Rewriter : Benjamin Rujopakarn
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