Tzu Chi’s Relief Action For the Flood Survivors in Thailand

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Earlier in January this year, a four-day downpour caused serious floods in Bangsaphan, Prachuap in Thailand, which caused the most damage then ever. Volunteers of Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation in Thailand evaluated their conditions and conducted a cash-for-relief program there.

The general commander in Bangsaphan, Somporn Patchimpetch hoped to have 100 people to clean up the schools. Therefore, Tzu Chi volunteers initiated a cash-for-relief program and invited survivors to clean up their homes and two important landmark buildings, the school and the county government, which could also accommodate those who were victimized in the flood.

Told that the school with over 50 teachers, 40 of whom were flood victims, elderly family members climbing up to the wardrobe or others’ shoulders to avoid floods, Tzu Chi volunteers conducted a cash-for-relief program for those who suffered from such a disaster to rebuild their homes by themselves. "It’s a great help" Said by Wichet, a flood victim, because it would cost around 5,000 dollars to clean up their homes.

Through the cooperation with Tzu Chi and local government, the survivors get back to normal life quickly.

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