Thousands suffering from floods in Surat Thani

BANGKOK, 7 June 2012 (NNT) - Continuous rain has caused flooding in five districts in the southern province of Surat Thani, affecting 8,500 households and over 27,000 residents. Assistance from the military has been sent to the flooded areas.

On Thursday, rain fell all day in Surat Thani in all areas, making the Phum Duang River overflow and flood a nearby community, with the water level as high as 2-3 meters. The affected residents have been evacuated. Water and dry foods have been handed out to them by army officers.

As for Vibhavadi district which has been flooded since Wednesday, the flood water has decreased from 3-5 meters high to 1-2 meters. The situation is expected to return to normal soon.

Inundation, flash flood, landslide and gust are expected in Surat Thani from 5-8 June 2012. The province has set up a special disaster relief center and urged people in the disaster-prone areas to closely monitor the situation.

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