Thailand: Yala Governor calls on citizens to prepare for flooding

The Governor of Yala province has warned citizens in four districts of potential flooding, calling on them to prepare to evacuate their possessions to higher ground following the escalation of water levels in Pattani River and Saiburi River.

Yala Governor Thira Minthrasak stated that after the Meteorological Department reported northeastern monsoons will continue into the Gulf of Thailand and spur continual rain in the South, citizens in the province have been required to brace for flood conditions. He stated that mountain water will most likely overflow and move toward lower land. The governor said that residents in Raman District, Mueang District and Krong Pinang District must prepare to evacuate their belongings and travel cautiously if using Yala-Betong 410.

Mr. Theera asked that citizens closely follow the situation but not panic as authorities have prepared response measures and said residents may report natural threats to 1881 at all times.