Thailand: Tsunami relief

Situation Report
Originally published
Disaster in brief:

- Tsunami had destroyed Sumatra, Republic of Indonesia and it extended to SriLanka, India, Maldives Islands, Pocket Island, Thailand, and some African territories due to Tsunami waves and other damages.

- Phuket, Kayu Island, South of Thailand was most affected.

- The number of victims is more than 50000, the dead are 6000 in addition to 3000 missing persons.

Activities we conducted:

- Co-ordination was made with the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Kingdom of Thailand, Mr. Mohammed Al-Shaibani regarding the aid that will be provided by Kuwait Red Crescent Society.

- A Bank account was opened at a local bank in Bangkok to facilitate the purchase of local goods.

- The team moved to Phuket Island using internal airlines to inspect the damage caused by to Tsunami waves. An initial report was prepared regarding the local needs of local victims - They also visited the Thai Red Cross Society to know that the most damaged areas are located at Banga area. It has been agreed to distribute in kind goods to be hand delivered to the victims in collaboration with Thai Red Cross Volunteers, provided that the food items be packed in sacks having the logo of Kuwait Red Crescent Society. It has been also agreed on the date of distribution, the quantity of the donations and the method of distribution over the six destroyed villages.

- In addition to distribution of in kind donations among the victims, great number of sacrifices were distributed during Eid Al-Adha among the population.

- The team participated in the charitable exhibition that was held in favor of Tsunami victims in collaboration with the Embassy of the State of Kuwait.

Kuwaiti products were sold and the revenue was given to Tsunami victims fund. - In kind donations and food items were locally purchased and distributed among the victims in collaboration with volunteers from Thai Red Cross Society. Such aid is considered as the initial requirements of the country.

- It has been coordinated with Thai Red Cross Society with regard to homeless and victims. Further studies were made regarding the possibility of constructing houses for the victims and purchasing a mobile clinic and a truck for the Thai Red Cross Society in order to serve the damaged areas.

- The situation of the 1400 fishermen who lost their sole source of income and the possibility of compensating them with some new fishing boats.

- Meeting with a local contractor, in coordination with the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Thailand to submit quotations and sketches for the houses in order to study the possibility of constructing the same.

- Discussion were concluded with the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Thailand the possibility of having specific location in the disaster area in order to construct a village in the name of His Highness the Amir of State of Kuwait, Shaikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah in favor of the victims.

- It has been contracted as a first stage to purchase fifteen fishing boats along with necessary fishing equipment and distribute them among the fishermen.

- On 3/3/2005 the delegation of Kuwait Red Crescent Society presided by the Chairman Bargas Al-Bargas, Vice Chairman, Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer and Honorary Treasurer, Mr. Saad Al-Nahed arrived for discussions and consultations with the Thai officials.

- In kind donations were distributed in the damaged areas in the presence of the members of Kuwait Red Crescent Society and Ambassador of the State of Kuwait.

- 15 fishing boats were distributed among fishermen at Phuket Island by the members of the delegation and the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait and in the presence of Thai media and the local press.

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