Thailand: Pitsanulok to improve sanitation and agriculture after flood water subsides

News and Press Release
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Pitsanulok province will be setting a rejuvenation plan for sanitation and agriculture in order to assist local residents affected by the recent flood.

The Deputy governor of Pitsanulok province, Mr. Santhi Krusuansombut , said that the province has been inundated by flood water from August to November. 9 districts, 92 subdistricts, and 883 villages, with a total of 40,542 households, or 63,175 residents have been burdened. 332 roads, 2 bridges, 33 schools, 41 temples, and 611,401 hectares of agricultural land have been damaged. 11 people also lost their lives.

The deputy governor said that Pitsanulok officials have surveyed local damages in terms of sanitation and agriculture conditions, and will be setting rejuvenation plans to heal the two sectors. The plan is expected to be implemented and completed by the end of December. Mr. Santhi added that provincial authorities have also allocated 10 million baht in aid funds in order to support local occupations, such as poultry breeders, textile weavers, and other workers.