Thailand: Nong Khai hands out aid money to flood victims

Nong Khai province has distributed aid money to flood victims affected by the Cummuri storm in August 2008 as the storm has damaged more than 300 houses in the province's three districts.

Meanwhile, families affected by the devastated storm still pinned hopes that politicians would fulfill their promise to help them.

Mr. Paitoon Jitsuthiphon, head of Si Chiang Mai district, Nong Khai, along with the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office, Nong Khai province, on Wednesday (January 7) distributed aid money and survival kits that would help the flood victims who were affected by Cummin tropical storm in August 2008.

The storm caused damages to 308 houses in Si Chiang Mai, Mueang and Rattanawapi districts. Sri Chiang Mai district was the most affected area after the storm. The victims would receive compensation according to the incurred damages varying from 3,000 to 30,000 baht each.